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25 Feb 2021

Research Manager

Job Description

Forcier is looking for a highly self-motivated individual with significant academic training in research design, as well as experience managing and implementing field research projects in complex settings. The Research Manager will be a full-time position based in Juba, South Sudan. The Research Manager’s primary role is to ensure the delivery of high-quality research and data collection projects for its clients. There are three main functions of this role: research team management, client management and engagement, and high-level research input and oversight.

Research Team Management

The Research Manager directly manages the Research Officers and Fieldwork Managers and aims to build their capacity to deliver top quality research deliverables. The Research Manager is integral to Forcier’s aim to execute our work using a sustainable teaching model that builds local research capacity in the world’s most challenging environments

Client Management and Engagement

The Research Manager plays a critical role in managing clients, including providing advice on key decisions related to research design by spelling out both the methodological and practical (i.e. budgetary and logistical) implications of a given decision. The Research Manager works alongside the business development team to ensure that all proposals are methodologically coherent, locally contextualized, profitable, and are in keeping with the highest standards of research quality.

High Level Research Input and Oversight

It is the responsibility of the Research Manager to see the lifecycle of every project and support their team through the challenges (fun, some would say) that come with administering high-quality fieldwork in complex environments. They provide expert input on matters of sample design, questionnaire design, and analysis techniques/approaches. The Research Manager guides key decisions related to statistical analysis, including choices of appropriate inferential-statistical tests, data structure, weighting, and other adjustments to account for survey design (including stratification and clustering).

We are looking for intellectuals who crave adventure. We are looking for people who believe in the power of research to change lives, and who love building teams to work towards a common goal. We are looking for someone who gets excited about research, so much so that they are always looking for ways to be innovative and creative in research design for complex settings. We are looking for people interested in a world beyond their borders and who want to be a part of something different.

Daily Tasks

  • Guide key decisions related to research aims and methodological design of projects at the proposal stage and during project implementation;
  • Provide or appropriately delegate/assign the provision of quality assurance and quality control on all research-related deliverables (e.g. research protocols, analytical reports, datasets, and presentations;
  • Actively track all key research staff, their levels of utilization, and their skill sets;
  • Actively track all ongoing and incoming/nascent projects, and appropriately match people/teams and their toolkits with projects;
  • Provide input on local context and other practical aspects of research execution, both internally and with our clients;
  • Learn, teach, and uphold Forcier’s existing systems for ensuring quality research, and aid with the roll-out and adoption of new research-related systems as necessary.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact with clients during the proposal stage and continue high-level management of the client relationship during implementation of projects, including planning and attending client meetings as necessary

Forcier isn’t the place for everyone. But for those who do find us to be a good fit, they can’t imagine being anywhere else. Our company operates with five immutable laws. If these don’t resonate with you, working with us probably won’t be a good fit for you. If they speak to you, you’ll find a new home with us.

  1. Be nice or leave. All our staff at all stages deserve to be treated professionally and with respect. Discrimination, racism, tribalism, sexism, and neo-colonialist language will not be tolerated. This goes for internal and external interactions.
  2. This is a stress free zone. The places where we work are stressful enough, we don’t need to add extra pressure. Increasing stress increases the likelihood of errors. We all work to minimize stress together.
  3. We embrace a strong work ethic and a strong rest ethic. We believe that balance is critical to long-term success. We all work together to avoid burnout on our teams and ensure that team members have the opportunity to frequently and regularly take complete time off. We recognize the needs for every team member may be unique depending on their individual circumstances.
  4. Safety first. We never put staff or partners in harm’s way for any reason, and we do not ask staff to go places or complete work with which they do not feel personally comfortable – for any reason. We do not offer financial incentives for people to take additional risk (hazard pay).
  5. Quality is paramount. We stand behind the integrity of our work. We don’t cut corners and we deliver the absolute best product possible every single time, both internally and externally.


M.A. degree and at least 2 years of experience. Appropriate graduate level education will be in political science, anthropology, international development, statistics, public health, economics, or a related field. Irrespective of degree field, graduate level training in research methods and statistics is required.

Required Skills

· Advanced knowledge of Stata required

· Fluency in written and spoken English

· Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office package, including good skills in Excel

· Graduate-level coursework in econometrics and inferential statistics, ideally including applied regression analysis, survey data analysis, data visualization, and power analysis

· Demonstrated ability to clean and interpret real-world data, generating publishable insights

· Experience in managing diverse, multi-cultural teams and human resources to ensure successful completion of projects and objectives

· Prior experience and technical skills in qualitative and quantitative tool development, sampling, operationalization of complex research designs, data cleaning, and quality assurance methods

· Demonstrated ability to efficiently and effectively edit the technical writing of others

· Ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner with it comes to client and partner communication and interaction, and liaising with upper-level management

· Ability to work independently in a stressful environment with minimal supervision

· Ability to produce high-quality work under tight deadlines

· Creativity and an ability to think outside the box to conceptualize projects and implementation strategies

Preferred (but not required) Skills

· Prior experience living and working abroad, preferably in a developing country

· Graduate-level coursework in research design and sample design

· Training in, or experience using qualitative analysis software (e.g. NVivo)

· Training in, or experience using GIS analysis software (e.g. QGIS)

· Knowledge of R, Python, or other statistical programming/databasing languages is an asset

· Prior experience in a teaching/mentoring capacity

· Prior experience in planning and managing budgets and resources

How to apply

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