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7 Feb 2021

Request for Proposals for Audit Services

Job Description


Jesuit Refugee Service is a Catholic Church-based international humanitarian organization, with a Mission to accompany, serve, and advocate for the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced persons. JRS has a priority to work wherever the needs of refugees and internally displaced people are urgent and unattended to.

In Yambio and Maban, JRS offers a wide range of rehabilitation and relief services most of which focus on Protection and mixed solutions for IDPs, Returnees and Host communities. JRS provides education scholarships and sanitary kits to girls and young women attending school on top of the teacher training scholarships for those wishing to attain their diplomas and degrees.

Through the community and school-based peace building initiatives, JRS utilizes mediation mechanisms and workshops to encourage and foster reconciliation as a means of moving away from violence.

Now, JRS South Sudan is seeking to enlist the services of a qualified firm to provide Financial Audit Services for the years 2020 to 2022.

1. Objective

The Objective for this engagement is to conduct a Financial Audit for Jesuit Refugee Services for all its projects in South Sudan for the Financial Years end 31 December 2020 & 2021 in compliance with the Companies Ordinance 1984 and prevailing regulation of the Government of South Sudan.

Under the Financial Regulation Act of South Sudan, the annual audited statements of the accounts are required to be prepared in conformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) by an authorized external audit firm.

Interested Audit Firms may obtain bidding documents from the below address and submit completed bids to the address provided by 15th of February 2021 at 05:00Pm EAT.

The Schedule for the opening, evaluation and award is provided on the first Page of the RFP document herein. The delivery and opening ceremony will be conducted in the JRS compound in Tong Ping, Juba, South Sudan as per the schedule and time to be communicated.

The Bid Notice shall run in the South Sudan NGO Consortium website from 2nd to 15th February 2021. All bidding documents shall be downloaded from their website at: https://comms.southsudanngoforum.org/c/jobs/5


The accounts of the Jesuit Refugee Service South Sudan are maintained on the accrual basis of accounting as per GAAP.


Jesuit Refugee Service will provide the following for the audit purposes for the purpose of preparing financial statements:

  • General ledger
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Trial balance
  • Statement of Financial Position (SoFP)
  • Statement of Revenue and Expenditure
  • Cash flow statement
  • Statements of changes in Equity (Net Assets)


The Audit shall be carried out in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and shall include such tests and control as the Auditor may consider necessary under the JRS standards. The financial audit of the Contracting Authority shall be undertaken to cover all areas and activities to ensure that: ‐

  • Transactions are properly authorized.
  • Transactions have been recorded under the proper object of expenditure/receipts.
  • Funds have been utilized for the purpose for which they were made available.
  • Goods and Services have been procured in accordance with Jesuit Refugee Service/Donor requirements.
  • Transactions are duly supported by the relevant documents.
  • The Auditors shall also consider the adequacy of controls necessary to secure propriety, economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in all areas.


It is the wish of JRS that the Financial Audit Firm expresses their opinion as to the fair representation of the financial reports as per the international standards on auditing requires.


The audit firm shall give its opinion on the Financial Statements of the Organization along with Funds with regard to the maintenance of accounting records and in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). The Annual Audit Report of the Organization Accounts should include an opinion commenting on accuracy and propriety of expenditures incurred together with the internal controls involved.


In addition to the Financial Statements together with the audit opinion thereon, the Auditor shall prepare a “Management Letter” to be provided along with Audit Report which shall cover the shortcomings, weaknesses, and accompanying observations that they may come across during the audit assignment. They, Auditors, shall keep positive approach towards improvement of the systems and procedures, including the following: ‐

  1. Provide comments and observations on the accounting records, systems and procedures that were examined during audit.
  2. Identify specific deficiencies and areas of weaknesses in systems and control and make recommendations for their improvement.
  3. Communicate matters that have come to attention during audit which might have a significant impact on the implementations of the Organization/Donor projects; and
  4. Bring to Management of the Organization attention any other matter that the Auditors considers material to the Audit.


The first audit work is expected to commence on 15th of March and complete 31 March 2020. The auditors are expected to provide the complete audit report by 15th April 2020.


The Auditor’s will be given access to all legal documents, and any other information associated with The Organization/Donor Funds (Receipts and Expenditures).


Selection of audit firm for conducting audit of accounts of the Jesuit Refugee Service /Donor’s funds for the Financial Years 2020 with the purpose to specify and evaluate an audit firm. In addition, it describes the requirements that an audit firm has to fulfill for selection.


The following criteria will be used for the selection of the Audit Firm:

  1. Assignment undertaken.
  2. Similar assignments undertaken by the audit firm shows the experience of the firm. The firm with better and relevant experience will be awarded more points and this will give them an edge during the final selection.
  3. Reputation of the Firm in the market.
  4. The reputation and experience of the Audit Firm in the market will be considered for appointment.
  5. Capabilities and Credibility of the firm;
  6. The Jesuit Refugee Service South Sudan desires to select the Audit Firm with relevant human resource having proven practical experience of qualified staff.

Detailed evaluation and selection criteria has been provided below.


Technical proposals should be submitted in sealed envelopes. Please provide the audit cost showing breakup of the activities and their associated costs.


  1. Firm’s profile showing all information outlined above.
  2. Copy of authorization by professional body.
  3. Certificate/Material evidence of audits carried out at three previous client companies mentioning duration and the names of the auditors engaged in audit activities.
  4. Proof of company establishment.
  5. Detailed technical skill level (CVs) of available principal/lead and associate auditors on board. The CVs should mention the nationality and status of the auditors that is registered/coordinator/lead auditor/associate.
  6. Provide sealed and signed Financial bids separately that must contain the audit methodology, audit fee and period of conducting and submitting complete audit reports.


  1. In case the Audit Firm does not have three registered coordinators, lead auditors each having at least 2 years of auditing experience.
  2. Firm failing to provide documentary evidence/regional partner holding practice license to carry out an audit.
  3. Audit partner firm or any of its affiliated entities are declared blacklisted by the Government of
  4. South Sudan or any other organization in any origin. An affidavit to this effect should be provided.


Payment shall be made within 30 days after the delivery of audit report, financial statements, and management letter (including suggestions and discussions with the top management of Jesuit Refugee Service South Sudan on improving internal controls and financial system of the Organization) by the audit firm. In case of any delay in submission of Audited financial statements, a 10% penalty will be imposed on the total claim.


The Evaluation Criteria will be based on the following Criteria & Qualifications:

Technical Evaluation:

Profile & Capacity of Audit Firm

The Capacity of the financial Institution/Company:

  1. Provide a brief description of your company or firm, giving the set-up of your business, office premises. (5%).
  2. Provide the General Organization structure and or profile of the Company and the owners (5%).

Capacity of the Firm to undertake Audit Services in South Sudan

  1. State the qualifications and experience of your company to undertake the scope of work (10%).
  2. Provide a list of similar assessments implemented. Provide a table showing recent and previous or ongoing Audit services (10%)
  3. The number of years the firm has worked in Audit Services and capacity to conduct audit services for a Humanitarian Organization Audit. Number of Years (minimum 3) experience of the company in the sector or similar Services (10%)

Qualifications of Key Staff

Qualification of staff/Experts (Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader) proposed for deployment to undertake this assignment:

  1. Provide a list of the Technical Audit and managerial staff, with a brief summary of the experience each of them has and what their roles are in this engagement; attach CVs of everyone who will directly be involved in this assignment indicating the amount of time they will dedicate to the project.
  2. Master’s Degree in Finance – (10%)
  3. Bachelor’s Degree Finance – (5%)
  4. Over 10 Years Experience in Audit Services of Team Leader, 5 Years for ATL; specific experience carrying Out Audit Services in South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, and other difficult contexts – (5%).
  5. Prior experience and understanding in carrying out Audit in conflict and post conflict settings. Knowledge and experience working in South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan and other difficult contexts and the ability to speak the local language will be an added advantage – (5%).


Provide step by step description of the activities that your company will carry out to accomplish the required to achieve all deliverables:
A detailed step by step description of the activities in the methodology’s:

Relevance – (5%)

Appropriateness – (5%)

Practical – (5%)

References & Testimonials

Provide Names of at least three of your main clients. Enclose testimonials/references from them as well as telephone and email addresses and contact persons. JRS will contact these references as part of the technical evaluation of this proposal:

  • 3 References with contacts provided – (5%)
  • 3 Testimonials and references from previous clients – (5%).


Timeframe – Proposed timeframe to complete this assignment, work plan for the expected activities:

Detailed Schedule of Relevant Activities – (5%)

Detailed Work plan with Achievable Milestones – (5%)

Technical Proposal

Technical Proposal Score = (Total Scores * 60 Pts)/100% = 60 Pts

Financial proposal **

Financial Proposal Score = (Lowest Bid Price/Offered Bid Price) *40% = 40 Pts

Technical (60 Pts) + Financial (40 Pts) Proposal Scores – 100 Pts

How to apply

**Interested and suitably qualified Service providers can access the bidding documents at: https://comms.southsudanngoforum.org/latest

The Bid Submission Period shall commence on 2nd February and end on 15th February 2021. The Deadline for Submission shall be on the 15th of February 2021 at 17:00 HRS CAT.

Bidders shall submit their proposals via email on: southsudan.logistics@jrs.net

Or sealed offers addressed to:

Procurement & Tender Committee

JRS South Sudan, Juba, South Sudan

Tong Ping, Juba South Sudan

Late submission will not be accepted.

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