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23 Jul 2020

Consultancy Services to conduct an Organizational Capacity Assessment

Job Description

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  1. Background

The NGO Forum is a South Sudanese independent networking body of a total 379 NGOs, of which there are 263 national NGOs and 116 international NGOs. The forum supports its members in the effective and principled delivery of humanitarian and development assistance in South Sudan. The NGO Forum’s purpose is to support members to save lives and to improve lives. All members of the NGO Forum strive to provide professional assistance to the South Sudanese people regardless of ethnic background, political affiliation, or religious belief.

The South Sudan NGO Forum realizes its mission through a number of functions: information sharing and coordination, security advising and crisis management, external engagement, policy engagement, NGOs networking and capacity enhancement. The Secretariat’s operations are overseen by the INGO Steering Committee and the NNGO Steering Committee, which represent INGOs and NNGOs respectively. National NGO capacity enhancement is one of the principal objectives of the South Sudan NGO Forum.

For this consultancy, the South Sudan NGO forum has identified 80 NNGO members who have successfully completed the self-assessment pending an audit; hence, the NGO Forum will commission an independent consultant to conduct an audit of the self-assessment.

The purpose of the NNGO capacity assessment tool (CAT) is to help national organizations vet themselves and identify the areas of institutional development and support as well as develop a trajectory for organizational learning and growth within South Sudan’s operating environment. The tool would also help generate credible data that could be useful in shaping the public perception on and engagement with NNGOs including institutional capacity development programing for National NGOS.

2. Purpose of this consultancy

Through a review of several versions of capacity assessment tools from Uganda, Kenya and some international organisations like PACT and CARE, a tool was developed along with a guide document. The CAT has been transformed into an online-based platform with two components;

  1. A self-assessment component
  2. An independent review/audit of NNGOs self-assessment component, which will be undertaken by the external body, identified through this call for bids.

    The selected consultant(s) will be responsible for assessing the capacity of the National NGOs using the online based CAT and working with each organization to identify key capacity development modules and action plans to be implemented during or at the end of each organization’s assessment.

  3. Essential and Desirable Experience/Qualifications


· Experience in working with capacity assessment (OCA) modules and tools or auditing.

· 5 years minimum demonstrated experience in assessment, reforms and organization development of regional, international or national organisations as well as umbrellas organisations/Apex organisations.

· Senior Consultant(s) – Master’s degree in administration and management, social sciences or any other related area

· Associates – Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance & accounting, M&E, social science or any other related area

· Already with a base in Juba from which to work


· Experience working with national umbrella bodies/Apex organisations will be an added advantage.

· Excellent written and oral skills in English language

· Willingness to travel and work in tough field environments

· Documented supervisory, coordination and organisation skills

4. Objectives and Specific Tasks to be undertaken by the Consultant(s)

Principle Objective

The principle objective of the consultancy is to assess the NNGO self-assessments based on the online-based capacity Assessment tool and to work with each National NGO to develop a capacity development action plan with clear deadlines and targets.

The consultants will be expected to visit each of the participating 80 National NGOs and verify/audit the results of the organisation’s self-assessment scoring on the NNGO CAT with evidence provided by the participating organisations. The firm is expected to dispatch its associates to the National NGO’s offices in Juba with one field visit per participating organisation to the organisation’s program location.

The specific tasks the firm is expected to undertake include;

a) Planning

  • Develop a work plan for the duration of the assessment setting out clear milestones to be met
  • Familiarisation with the online self-assessment undertaken by the participating NNGOs
  • Familiarisation with the independent assessment component of the online capacity assessment tool.

b) Capacity Assessment

  • Visit the NNGOs to assess their capacity using the CAT and verify the scoring from the self-assessment conducted by the NNGO.
  • Work with each organization to develop an institutional capacity development action plan

c) Reporting

  • Draft a report summarizing the findings (strengths, weaknesses and gaps) of each organization and recommendations.

Information on participating National NGOs

The self-assessment process has been initiated and the NGO secretariat has set a target of 80 NNGOs the number may increase depending on demand. The main offices for all eligible participants is within Juba therefore the major part of the capacity assessment will be done in Juba. However, community engagement will be assessed as part of the capacity assessment process for each participating organisation, which would require a visit, by the consultant to each of the participating organisation’s project locations.




The firm shall produce as a final output;

  • An organization capacity assessment report
  • Independent verified scoring of each organization’s institutional capacity on the CAT online platform with details of evidence
  • Capacity development plan for each NNGO assessed.
  • The selected firm has a time frame of 6 weeks to complete the exercise and shall develop a revised work plan during the first 2 days of the exercise.

A digital copy of all reports will be required by Concern at the end of the piece of work.**


Payment will be made by cheque or bank transfer, based on the following schedule:

  • 25% on presentation and approval final work plan
  • 25% on completion of the independent organisation capacity assessments
  • 50% on NGO Forum acceptance of the capacity assessment report

5. Lines of Communication**

The firm will report to NGO Forum National NGO Focal Point as the main point of contact. The consultants will also report to the NGO Forum National NGO Steering Committee.

Working arrangement

· For Juba based firms, consultants will work from their office and come to the NGO secretariat when necessary. Otherwise consultants will work from the NGO Forum Secretariat.

· The consultants will travel to selected field locations within South Sudan ( if permissible one field site per participating NNGO)

· The consultants must comply with all NGO Forum administration requirements e.g. signing the Concern Worldwide Programme Participant Protection Policy

· The consultants must comply with NGO Forum security procedures

· The consultants must provide their own laptops to complete the work activities.

· The NGO Forum will facilitate the consultant’s field visits to each of the participating organisation’s project sites; this includes airfare, accommodation and meals unless the participating organisation’s project site is within Juba in which case the NGO secretariat will only arrange for transportation.

6. Timeframe

Six weeks is the time frame, with the detailed work plan developed in the first 2 days.

How to apply

Submission of Bids

Bids must be submitted by email to: southsudan.deskofficer@concern.net , with the subject of the email clearly stating ‘Organisational Capacity Assessment Consultancy’. The deadline for submission of bids is 31st July 2020.**

Supporting Documentation to be submitted with each Bid

  • Proposal outlining profile of the bidder, including:

o Details of the consultant

o Proposed high level work plan for six weeks, outlining how the work will be completed including the visits to the 80 National NGOs

o Details of the consultant’s experience relevant to this assignment

o Proposed methodology, including justification for procedures to be followed

o Financial proposal, in USD, including all costs which will be associated with this consultancy including travel, accommodation, per diem

o CVs for key staff who will be involved in the consultancy

o At least three references, where similar work was carried out

  • The following additional information may also be submitted:

o Information on any on-going similar project or assignment

o Any other relevant information and supporting documentation

Evaluation of Bids

All bids will be evaluated based on the administrative, technical and financial information provided in the submission.

Questions / Enquiries

For Questions or enquiries please contact southsudan.deskofficer@concern.net

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