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1 Nov 2020


Job Description

Call for Expression of Interest


Duration: 30 Days


JRS operates a certified Teacher Training (TT) program for over 250 teachers of both the refugee communities and host community in Maban South Sudan. The program is comprised of a two-year intensive pre-service program and an in-service program for teachers in schools. Upon completion, trained teachers gain an official certificate in Primary Teacher Education recognized by the Ministry of Education and General Instruction. JRS aims to provide holistic preparation for Teacher Trainees in its program, including subject material training, best practices in teaching techniques, and addressing the diverse needs of their future students in the classroom. **

JRS is seeking to recruit a suitable candidate to provide consultancy by developing a Competency Based Curriculum Manual JRS Maban’s Teacher Trainig Program and conduct a virtual training to Teacher Trainers. In alignment with South Sudan’s goal of enhancing the quality of education and encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous school improvement and effectiveness, the consultant will be responsible for introducing Teacher Trainers to the unique learning needs of primary school learners as envisioned in new Competency Based Curriculum and ensuring that Teacher Trainers are prepared to effectively accommodate and include them in classroom instruction.

Project Description

In 2019, the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) rolled out a new curriculum; Competency Based Curriculum moving away from the Outcome Based Curriculum. This has necessitated the Teacher Training programs to shift and align their training to the new curriculum.

The GoSS has continued to support the development and introduction of a competency-based curriculum for Early Years Education (EYE). The new curriculum puts the subjects of the curriculum into a broader context of values, principles, student competencies and the rich culture and heritage of South Sudan. The curriculum will equip learners with skills and attitudes to make good use of that knowledge and to apply it in the service of the community. The subject knowledge together with the skills and attitudes forms the competencies that will enable learners to become global citizens in the 21st Century. Based on this new curriculum, JRS has been mandated by UNHCR to develop a training manual and curriculum support materials for its Primary Education Teacher Training program in South Sudan. This manual should also a monitoring and evaluation component of the curriculum implementation process and evaluation of curricula.

JRS Operations in South Sudan

JRS currently works in South Sudan in two different field locations, Maban and Yambio. These projects are supported by a Country Office Team based in Juba. This ToR applies to work in JRS Maban. JRS South Sudan and UNHCR has been implementing a three-year project on increased quality of education for refugee and host community children in Maban. Access to quality education is a function of multiple inputs which are covered by consortium partners in Maban. JRS Maban’s primary contribution is focused on improving the quality of teaching and learning by enhancing the skills and qualifications of teachers.

Key Issues

JRS has identified, in a mixed methodology approach, the following challenges that will frame its work in the coming years.

(1) Limited access to quality education; (2) Limited access to quality early childhood development education and support; (3) Negative attitudes towards people with special needs and subsequent social exclusion; The findings in the JRS needs assessment point that provision of quality teaching is a major challenge. The difference between the Sudanese curriculum (in Arabic) and the South Sudanese curriculum (in English) is one of the major challenges. 60% of the camp population are below 18 years of age and thus of school going age. Limited professional skills and a lack of qualified primary school teachers (especially female teachers) are some of the major concerns raised by most stakeholders.

JRS recognizes that education is a significant factor in the mental and physical protection of children and, if properly delivered, can be itself be a critical psychosocial intervention for children living in crisis situations. In recognition of this fundamental role education in emergencies has in the well-being and protection of children, JRS is taking a more deliberate approach in providing a professional development program equipping teachers with the knowledge to create a safe and stable environment that promotes the well-being of children; including the skills to engage in instructional process that promotes inclusiveness, addressing the needs of all learners, including those with disabilities.

Objectives of the Consultancy

JRS is seeking to recruit a suitable candidate to develop a Competency Based Curriculum Manual to be used by Teacher Training Tutors in training Primary School Teachers in Maban. The facilitator will also be responsible for introducing Teacher Trainers to the unique learning needs of primary school learners as envisioned in the new Primary Schools Competency Based Curriculum and ensuring that the trainers are prepared to effectively include them in classroom instruction. Additionally, the facilitator will develop an Monitoring and Evaluation tool to monitor how the implementation

Key responsibilities of the facilitator are:

i. Review the ongoing interventions for Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) in South Sudan to inform and guide planning and execution for the CBC for teacher trainers.

ii. Develop a manual to facilitate training of Teacher Trainers and other curriculum implementer s. The manual must incorporate creative and effective classroom activities, inclusive education, protection aspects in the school and classroom and various assessment models.

iii. Support JRS to align CBC and assessment to Pre-service and In-service teacher training curriculum.

iv. Conduct an online training on the usage of the developed manual.

v. Formulate a monitoring and evaluation framework and tools for data collection to inform the progressive roll out of CBC and train teacher trainers on the same.

vi. A final report on the challenges experienced, recommendations and any kind of follow up needed.


The duration of this contract for services will be 6 weeks. Those interested in being considered for this contract must be available in the month of December 2020 and January 2021..


  1. Developing the manual and formulating a monitoring and evaluation framework and tools for data collection.
  2. Reviewing of the manual and the M&E tools/feedback
  3. Training teacher trainers on CBC Manual
  4. Final report on the training plus recommendations

Technical Requirements


ü Bachelor’s Degree in Education or any related field , plus 5 years’ practical experience in Competency Based Curriculum development and implementation
Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development or any related field, plus 2 years’ practical experience in Competency Based Curriculum development and implementation

ü Demonstrated expertise in training facilitation and adult learning principles

ü Experience facilitating in international or humanitarian contexts for diverse groups of learners in Competence Based Curriculum

ü Sensitivity to cultural factors and local traditions shaping attitudes towards CBC

ü Experience in working with government agencies, ministries and multiple stakeholders including Non-Government Organization’s

ü Ability to work independently

ü Ability to work under time constraints and meet deadlines in hardship and stressful conditions

ü Proactive and self-motivated

ü Fluent English language skills


ü Previous experience working in South Sudan or the region

ü Experience with JRS**

ü Have an understanding of the role of faith-based institutions in humanitarian work and ensuring its mission and values are envisioned in all the work


The Consultant will be reporting to the Project Director Maban, on a day to day basis.

How to apply

Interested parties can send a written application to: sdsrecruit@jrs.net and cc sds07.education@jrs.net All applicants should submit their applications by 5:00pm (EAT) on Wednesday 4th November, 2020.

The application MUST include:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae (with at least 3 references).
  2. A Cover Letter outlining your suitability for this contract. This letter should highlight your knowledge of the subject area and you experience and competence as an instructor (maximum 2 pages).
  3. A work-plan detailing the objectives to be achieved, activities to be done and any outputs or outcomes bearing in mind the objectives of the training and the need to deliver a virtual training to 10 Teacher Trainers. The work-plan should:
  4. Articulate the key questions that you feel you need to know/answer before starting the assignment
  5. Detail how the you will go about this project i.e. bullet point the steps in the methodology you will use
  6. Highlight the key challenges that you anticipate to encounter and how you might overcome them
  7. Mention the key supports anticipated from the JRS team to complete this assignment
  8. Detail what you feel will be needed to support the successful roll out of this initiative into 2021 and what you can offer
  9. Give a round figure of the total costs (USD) of the consultancy.
  10. Profiles/CVs of previous consultancies undertaken and references. (Maximum 1 page)

Commitment to Child Safeguarding:

JRS is committed to the safeguarding of children (under 18 years) who encounter with JRS South Sudan personnel and volunteers in all JRS South Sudan works. All JRS-South Sudan Staff are expect to comply with JRS Child safeguarding Policy and Procedures in this regard and to sign a declaration of commitment to this effect.

Commitment to Protection of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA):

JRS-South Sudan takes the protection of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) serious and all the JRS-South Sudan personnel and volunteers are expect to comply with the JRS-PSEA policy and to sign declaration of commitment.

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