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18 Jul 2020

Prog Advisor & Manager – PCC

Job Description

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Since the December 2013 crisis, the Republic of South Sudan continued to face a worsening spiral of humanitarian, development, economic and security crises of unprecedented proportions. The country is riveted in a mutually reinforcing conflict dynamic that involves several actors. Several drivers of conflict, some new and others heightened by the conflict, have emerged around poorly managed decentralization, corruption, marginalization, ethnic rivalries and exclusionary politics, and unaddressed local grievances that have fed localized militias in the country.

A major milestone towards implementation of the peace agreement has been reached with the formation of the Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity. Twice, the formation of an inclusive unity government has been postponed as the parties to the agreement failed to agree on the number and boundaries of state and transitional security arrangement. After consenting to revert to the old (pre-independence) 10 states, the President in keeping with the agreement dissolved the government on 21 February and appointed a new Presidency.

The Transitional Government of National Unity has continued to prioritize reconciliation efforts through the National Dialogue, which is scheduled to be concluded in 2020. Furthermore, the R-ARCSS has underscored the requirement to establish Commission on Truth Reconciliation and Healing (CTRH), as a necessary mechanism to foster, healing, reconciliation and address transitional justice issues. The Council of Ministers endorsed the draft statute and memorandum of understanding of the Hybrid Court for South Sudan (HCSS) in December 2017.

UNDP is in the middle of implementation of its Country Programme Document (CPD 2019-2021) aligned the UN Country Cooperation Framework (UNCF 2019-2021). UNDP South Sudan’s ambitious three-year country programme document (CPD) for the period 2019-2021 was approved by the Executive Board in September 2018. The programme seeks to address the complex development challenges facing the country – persistent conflict and fragility, recurrent shocks and stresses, and weak institutions and economic instability. The CPD focuses on three interlinked and mutually reinforcing pillars: (a) strengthened peace infrastructures and accountable governance; (b) inclusive, risk-informed economic development; and (c) strengthened institutional and community resilience.

Decades of conflict in South Sudan have led to widespread proliferation of weapons, threatening community safety and limiting socioeconomic development. However, signing of the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) in September 2018 and eventual formation of the revitalised transitional government of national unity (R-TGoNU) renewed hopes of peace in the country. The principal objective of this programme is to contribute to eradicate poverty in all its forms and dimensions and keeping people out of poverty, as well as to building resilience to crises and shocks, to safeguard development gains.

The immediate challenges facing the Country Office is implementation of the ambitious programme and contribute towards recovery and sustainable peace in a context of low human and institutional capacities, embryonic institutions, a new transitional government which is still under formation, high levels of poverty and low levels of human development. The overall objective of the UNDP programme in South Sudan is to contribute to eradication of poverty in all its aspects and dimensions, accelerate structural transformation and build resilience to shocks and crisis.

UNDP South Sudan seeks to engage a qualified, experienced and competent Peacebuilding Programme Advisor and Manager for PaCC (PA&PM). The PA & PM, under the direct supervision of the Deputy Resident Representative – Head of Programme will; provide policy and strategic advice on peacebuilding for the R-TGoNU and UNDP, guide implementation of peacebuilding initiatives in South Sudan and lead capacity building initiatives for national institutions on peacebuilding, substantively support deepening of results based management in UNDP programme, integration of gender perspectives in projects; lead partnerships and resource mobilization and identification of governance and peacebuilding programming options in line with national priorities, UNDP Strategic Plan, CPD and evolving context

The PA & PM will work in close collaboration with the South Sudan programme and operations staff and with Government officials, technical advisors and experts, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society in the successful implementation of the Democratic Governance and Stabilization Unit portfolio.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the deputy Resident Representative – Programmes, the Programme Advisor and Manager for PaCC will

  • Provide policy and programming advisory support on peacebuilding;**
  • Manage UNDP’s Peacebuilding Flagship project: The Peace and Community Cohesion Project PaCC;
  • Enhance coherence and coordination of peacebuilding strategy and civil society strengthening
  • Support deepening of results-based management;

Provide policy and programming advisory on peacebuilding**

  • Engage stakeholders’ actors, as appropriate, to promote a common approach towards implementing SDG 16 social cohesion, conflict management and UNSCR 1325 on women peace and security and UNSCR2250 on youth peace and security;
  • Undertake continuous analysis on conflict dynamics to inform policy and programs in collaboration with the UN, UNCT and other stakeholders;
  • Provide advisory and leadership for UNDP’s strategic initiatives on conflict prevention, early response and responding to political and social drivers of conflicts;
  • Provide leadership and strategic guidance in the design and implementation of peacebuilding programmes, where applicable;
  • Strengthen UNDP’s peacebuilding support in the context of R-ARCSS to the Ministry of Peacebuilding and the independent commissions such as Revitalized Peace and Reconciliation Commission, Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration and the Commission for Truth, Healing and Reconciliation.

Manage the UNDP Peacebuilding flagship project: Peace and Community Cohesion Project ( PaCC)

  • Manage in a result-oriented manner the peace and community cohesion, ensuring synergy with other stakeholder; sustaining strategic partnership for resources mobilization and effective people management;
  • Identify areas of programmatic engagement with national stakeholders in strengthening national legal and policy frameworks to prevent conflict, and reduce violence in communities;
  • Strengthen national capacities for conflict early warning and response in line with regional and international best practices.
  • Engage with other national and international actors, as appropriate, to promote a common approach towards implementing SDG 16 and supporting social cohesion, conflict prevention, peacebuilding, including gendered dimensions of peacebuilding, SCR 1325 and 2250 on youth;
  • Provide continuous analysis and reporting on political developments and conflict dynamics and participate in related meetings and fora representing in the UN where necessary;
  • Ensure delivery of high-value capacity development and training to staff and key national partners including CSOs on conflict analysis, conflict prevention and/or conflict-sensitive development;
  • Ensure the gendered dimensions of conflict are adequately reflected through analysis and meaningfully addressed through programmatic efforts;
  • Manage project field locations in the seven conflict clusters and continuously undertake conflict analysis to inform context specific programming;

Enhance coherence and coordination of peacebuilding strategy and civil society strengthening

  • Work closely with UNDP’s global Crisis Response Unit (CRU), UN, UNCT and UNDP strategy formulation and programme development,
  • Identify ‘entry points’ for conflict prevention and recommend appropriate strategic responses for UNDP, ensuring that gendered dimensions are reflected in both analysis and programming;
  • Explore Strategic partnership and collaboration, with development partners, other UN agencies and Government for resources mobilization and to ensure delivery of Programme results.
  • Lead identification and promotion of joint programming opportunities with other UN agencies, and development partners on areas of peacebuilding and conflict prevention.
  • Lead in civil society strengthening for sustainable engagement in programming

Support deepening of results-based management in programming

  • Provide technical guidance in the design and implementation of programme/ projects M&E frameworks and plans, ensuring alignment of project results frameworks and M&E plans to the UNCF and CPD results frameworks;
  • Coordinate Country office evaluations and the Evaluation Resources Center (ERC) and follow up on implementation of evaluation recommendations; ensuring UNDP is represented in the UNCT M&E working groups and related events/workshops
  • Ensure UNDP quality and standards are maintained in the Project/Programme progress reports, annual progress reports, ROAR, integrated work plan (IWP) update and other accountability reports.
  • Ensure the Country Office has a management information system for programme data and tools are developed for systematic data aggregation across the country office and that
  • Liaise with M&E Officer to enhance project-level indicators and data collection to improve data analysis.
  • Prepare information related to progress on project indicators for progress reports.
  • Support development of annual workplans, project documents and concept notes, ensuring alignment with the UNCF, Strategic Plan and CPD
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge products such as monthly updates, learning papers and articles;


Core Competencies


Ability to make new and useful ideas work


Ability to persuade others to follow

People Management

Ability to improve performance and satisfaction


Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform


Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement

Technical Competencies


Integrate & Empower: Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

Building Stretegic Pertnership

Integrate & Empower: Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

Knowledge Management and Learning

Integrate & Empower: Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

Management and Leadership

Integrate & Empower: Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

Development and Operational Effectiveness

Integrate & Empower: Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

Required Skills and Experience


Master’s Degree or equivalent in International Studies, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Public Policy, Law or related field.


  • 10 years of relevant experience at national or international level in project management, governance, peace and security or peacebuilding;
  • demonstrated programming and managerial experience in post-conflict environments, and ability to work in hardship conditions;
  • experience in conflict analysis, policy advisory, advocacy and strategy development, development and/or conflict prevention in a governmental, multilateral or civil society organization;
  • Hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and projects; and establishing partnerships among international organization and national governments;
  • Experience in national and community-level dialogues, conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives and programming;

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required; Knowledge of Arabic language is an asset but not a requirement.

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