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South Sudan Jobs is the place for jobseekers to find the job of their dreams and for recruiters to advertise their vacancies to find/reach the right candidates, easily and cost-effectively.

South Sudan Jobs was founded in April 2015. The main objectives of maintaining this website is to have a comprehensive and easily accessible platform for South Sudanese Job Seekers. We are connecting employers and job seekers in the South Sudan region and Africa as well.

We aim to help South Sudan job seekers to conveniently browse all jobs available in South Sudan region and those that other nationals are eligible to apply for, such jobs include jobs in UN Agencies, International NGOs and those around the Africa, and East Africa countries, especially in South Sudan Regions.

So tell a friend about  southsudanjobs.com, find us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, link up with us on LinkedIn, and do whatever it is people do on Google Plus – help us spread the word. Together we can make an impact.

Please stay tuned to southsudanjobs.com for more blog posts, career advice and interviews with global professionals. southsudanjobs.com is not just a job-board, it is a community. Before I finish, all of us at southsudanjobs.com would like to thank all our partners, sponsors and employers for the help and effort they have put in so far. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more from us at southsudanjobs.com.


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